ACEF raises funds for projects that seek to expose animal cruelty through mainstream media.  We use mainstream media to advertise the truth, much like animal industries use mainstream media to advertise what they want the public to see. Help us shine a light on the truth; help us expose animal cruelty, by helping us fund our advertising projects. 


We successfully aired our FOURTH commercial, Caged for Life, on CNN and NY1 in New York City, and also on CNN in Greensboro, Raleigh, and Charlotte, in North Carolina.  We have in the past aired in Los Angeles and Dallas.  ACEF wants to hit every city, every state.  We want to reach all pockets of our nation.  Can you donate to help make this happen?

Aired!!! “Caged for Life” Commercial on Mainstream Television Networks.

ACEF’s last commercial, “Caged for Life”, aired in New York City on CNN and NY1 news, and also on CNN in three cities in North Carolina —  Raleigh, Greensboro, and Charlotte.  We reached millions.  Our FIFTH commercial is about to go into production.  Will you help pay for the production costs and media airing bills?  Our goal is to hit every pocket of the nation, and with your help, we can do it.  Together, we can expose the heinous suffering animals are forced to endure.  And the more exposure, the more change.

Our Third Commercial, Compassion Over Killing’s “Choices” commercial, aired on CNN!!

ACEF recently aired Compassion Over Killing’s commercial “Choices”on CNN in three cities nationwide — NY, LA, and Dallas, during election season!   This commercial, during this time, and on this network, reached millions of viewers.  Think about how many people we can educate as to the horrors of factory farming, and all the minds we can change.  ACEF is planting seeds of thought and exposing the truth — through mainstream media — right now.

Billboard Ads

Currently Raising Funds

ACEF is currently raising funds to run billboard ads. ACEF doesn’t want to let people close their eyes to the cruelty they support — so help ACEF expose it through our billboard campaign.  Donate today.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Upcoming Project

ACEF, working with the reputable animal rescue organization Second Chance Rescue, is working on a billboard to help educate people that no breeder is a good breeder, and to get homeless dogs and cats adopted.  We are currently designing a billboard to encourage people to adopt, not shop, and to support their local rescue organizations, to help give homeless dogs and cats a chance.  Millions of dogs and cats are killed each year in shelters, and many who escape euthanasia suffer greatly as they languish in shelters, waiting for homes that never come.  Help ACEF and SCR expose these realities and save lives.

Air Compassion Over Killing’s “Side of Truth” Commerical On Mainstream Media


We successfully aired COK’s “Side of Truth” commercial with the generous donations of donors like you.  This commercial reached over 400,000 viewers in New York City on NY1 News and Animal Planet. The more we can air these commercials, the further the message travels.

Air Mercy for Animal’s “Supermarket” Commerical On Mainstream Media


Together with your help, ACEF aired Mercy For Animals’ “Supermarket” commercial and reached over 700,000 viewers in New York City when it aired on NY1 News and Animal Planet.   700,000 people!  This is a staggering amount of people and gives the truth a chance to compete with the misrepresentations that are aired by animal agriculture industries.  Help us keep the momentum going.

The Animal Cruelty Exposure Fund is a 501-c-3 not-for-profit corporation that relies on the tax-deductible donations of those who support our mission.  Your tax-deductible donation provides us with the funds we need to pay the bills to advertise the truth and combat the lies.  Please make a donation today.  Our Tax I.D. number is:  47-1833405.