Help Us Use Mainstream Media to Expose Animal Cruelty

ACEF is currently raising funds to air a new commercial “Caged for Life” on Mainstream Media.

We have a matching donor– so for every dollar you donate, ACEF gets

two. Please don’t let this opportunity slip away — we know it’s the holiday

season, but can you spare a donation to get our latest commercial,

“Caged for Life”, on the air?

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We are their voice.

ACEF uses mainstream media to get real images out there.  Big animal agriculture and animal industries use main stream media to serve their own purposes, by advertising misleading images to the public, and hiding the truthful ones.  We need to counteract that.  Animals need equal footing to massive advertising campaigns, by using our own advertising campaigns to expose the TRUTH.  ACEF uses your donations to pay those media bills.  Donate today.

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